SuperPod System Update#

What is changing#

Operating system upgrade#

The operating system on the SuperPod is being upgraded to Ubuntu 22.04 from Ubuntu 20.04.

Updated Nvidia drivers#

The Nvidia drivers are being updated to a version that supports Cuda 12.0. These drivers will support Cuda 12.x will be available using compatibility libraies.

Updated SLURM Scheduler#

SLURM is being updated to improve “fairness” in the job queue. Priority in the queue will depend on several factors, including how many jobs an user has run recently and how long a job has been in the queue.


Compiled programs#

Although they may work, we strongly recommend recompiling programs if possible.


We expect most Conda environments to continue to function. In some cases, rebuilding environments may imporve performance.


Some packages installed with pip may need to be reinstalled, especially packages that were compiled.


Although we have reinstalled most of the packages, most module names have been changed. Scripts loading modules may need to be updated.

Temporary Workarounds#

In order to minimize impacts on existing workflows, we have created a containerized version of Ubuntu 20.04 closely resembling the original SuperPod install. To use this in your job scripts, you can add the following:

#SBATCH --container-image /hpc/m3/containers/mp_base.sqsh
#SBATCH --container-mounts "/hpc/mp,/cm/shared/apps/slurm/var/munge,/cm/shared/apps/slurm/var/etc/slurm/,/lib/security,/var/run/munge,/run/munge,/var/lib/sss,/etc/munge,/work/users/USERNAME,/lustre/smuexa01/client/users/USERNAME,/users/USERNAME"
#SBATCH --container-workdir "/path/to/workdir" 

Change USERNAME in the above to your username and /path/to/workdir to the location you expect commands to be run from. Without --container-workdir you will enter the container at /.

NOTE: srun calls from inside a job script will inherit the --container-workdir, so if you cd inside your job script before calling srun it may not work as expected.

NOTE: Containers cannot be nested. Existing workflows using a container should continue to work without modification.


If you need help adjusting your workflows, need additional software installed, or encounter issues, please let us know at SMU HPC Support.