SMU Policies#

Users must comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and SMU policies when using HPC resources. This includes, but is not limited to, SMU’s acceptable use policy

Purge Policy#

Data stored in $SCRATCH on M3 or the SuperPod has a time based quota. Data older than 60 days will be purged (deleted) without warning. $SCRATCH is intended as high performance, temporary storage for jobs.

If data is needed for a longer period of time, it should be stored in $WORK (8 TB limit) or $HOME directories (200 GB). If those are also insuffiencient, please contact us to discuss options.

Account and Account Password Sharing Policy#

No two individuals should share the same HPC account, nor should two individuals share the password of the same account. Each individual is entitled to have their own account hence please request one.

Data Transfer Nodes#

Access to data tranfer nodes is available by request and legitimate need. These nodes are meant only for transferring large amounts data to/from HPC resources. They should not be used for computational jobs.