July 28th, 2021: Applications due. We are doing a rolling application process: July 28th (Midnight CST) is the final cutoff date.

  • Applications received in May will receive notification by June 1st, 2021.
  • Applications received in June will receive notification by July 3rd, 2021.
  • Applications received in July will receive notification by July 30th, 2021.
  • August 2-13, 2021: DHRI @ SMU will be held online.

    The synchronous sessions will be Tues/Thur 9-12:00 on the following dates: Tues 8/3, Thur 8/5, Tues 8/10 and Thur 8/12. When applying, make sure that you can attend these sessions.

    2021 will be the third year of DHRI @ SMU

    DHRI@SMU is happening online this August and the rolling application deadline extends July 28th! We have a plan to offer the same community oriented learning experience that will feature plenty of small group synchronous learning. If you have an interest in this tremendous program, please apply. We seek participants from a diverse cross-section of academe, to ensure both interdisciplinarity and inter-institutional representation.

    The application includes an essay section. Please write no more than few paragraphs in response to each of the following prompts. Be sure to share information about your goals, interests, and needs.

    • Describe your research interests. Help us understand what type of digital projects might appeal to you.
    • How will participating in DHRI benefit you personally, professionally, or pedagogically?
    • Give an example of a technical issue you've experienced, and how you handled this problem.
    • Provide examples of how you work collaboratively: What roles do you naturally assume when working in a group? What roles have you taken on to ensure success of a project? How would you describe your contribution to the group dynamics?

    Participants must commit to the full experience, attending all online synchronous events. Click here to submit an application.

    Send inquiries to Rafia Mirza, SMU Humanities Librarian and DHRI @ SMU Coordinator.